Every day  I think of you
every time I try to told you
That every minute in my live
I wanna see you hold me

I never felt this way before
I never knew about this
I wanna be only with you
Because I really like you

You are not just a real good friend
You are the one I trust to
You are not such a stupid boy
You are the one I want now

We bough know that there is no future
We have to be so strong at least
Well maybe I am the one who has to
When you do not fell the same, I fell

Just one thing I want you to say
I love you and that wouldn´t change
Some day I am dreaming your were my
But this thing that would go too far  

We are so good friends
I do not want to break that this way
Because I don’t really know
What you are felling
Please go

Yes, it hearts me
So much more
Than you maybe
Wanna know

Some day I will tell you all
Some day when we bough are old
Some day when we could laugh again
Some day when we are wiser then now

I love you and you know me well but I do not want to tell you my felling because that would change everything……………………..in Liebe an einen guten Freund ………………………………....Elsa Martin

12.1.07 22:16

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